The dashboard provides a quick overview of some important information like attendance, upcoming examinations, latest announcements and links to frequently used modules.


Teachers can quickly mark attendance using their mobiles. Monthly reports\attendance percentages for each student can be generated. Parents of absentees can be notified via SMS and/or Email


Exams could be scheduled very easily. Results could be recorded and tracked. Report cards can be generated automatically. Student\Parent can be notified via email and can access results from their portals.


Fees structure for the school can be configured and fee payments tracked. Invoices\bills could be generated automatically. Quick reports provide overview of outstanding\collected fees.

Manage Students

Student's information like name, email, parent's email, parent's mobile number etc., could be maintained. SMSes\Online messages to the parent could be sent from this module.

Class Time Table

Class time table could be maintained and shared using a intuitive user interface, by the Admin. Teachers\Students\Parents can view the class timetable from their respective portals.

SMS Integration

SMS could be sent to the entire class, or the individual parent. SMS is also available for notifying absentees and reminding fee defaulters.
SMSes are available only in select countries. Contact whalessupport@cryztal.in for details.


Various reports like monthly attendance reports, examination results, fee collection reports etc., can be generated easily. Printer-friendly versions are provided wherever necessary.

Student\Parent Login

The student\parent can login to the portal to view upcoming examinations, track attendance, follow exam results, interact with the teacher via online messaging, access class notes, online assignments etc.,


The teacher can use this module to make important announcements or for conveying a message to the entire class. These announcements are available in the student\parent portal.

Online Messaging

The teacher can use online messaging to interact with the student\parent. The user interface is intuitive, and notifications for new messages are provided in the dashboard.

Class Vault

The teacher can use the class vault to share resources with the class. Any documents\class notes could be shared with the entire class using this feature.

My Notes

The teacher can create\maintain class notes and then share them with the class. The students can also create and maintain their own notes as well.

Email Integration

Teachers can send emails to the students\parents. Absentee notifications, fee reminders, online assignments, announcements, new examination, examination results etc could be notified via email.

Online Assignments

Teachers can create questionnaires, that can be shared with the entire class, so that the students can answer them as part of their home assignments.

Lesson Plans

The lesson plans module provides the teachers with a quick way of creating and maintaining a lesson plan. This can save a lot of time for the teachers, as these can be re-used with relevant updates in subsequent years.

Curriculum Plans

This provides a way of digitizing the curriculum plans, enabling re-usablity and easy sharing capabilities. This can save teachers a lot of time.

Admin Module

The admin can use this module to maintain the class details like assigned teachers, subjects, fee structure etc. This is very easy to use, with documented instructions on each page.

Mobile Ready

The complete portal is mobile ready. All the functionalities could be used with a smart phone\tablet\laptop or a desktop, the screens adjust to give the best view based on the device being used.

Support and Training

We have an excellent team to take care of your queries\issues, providing solutions promptly. We also provide on-premises training for teachers\students\parents on the usage of the tool.